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Wonder-Full Life:  Week 3, December 20, 2015

Because of Jesus, we can have a “wonder-full life.”    That’s our inheritance as children of the King.


A few short years ago Prince George was born to Prince William and Kate.  As the future heir to the throne of England, he was a billionaire at birth.  According to records, he is the wealthiest prince that England has ever had.  But as children of the King of heaven, our inheritance is greater.  It is not to be counted in perishable things such as silver or gold.  Our inheritance is much greater.  It is life and life “to the full.”


What is meant by “life to the full”?  Where can we find a picture of this kind of abundant, overflowing life?  Well, in John 10:10 where that promise is given, the picture is of sheep with a loving shepherd.  Their life is good because He is good.  As Jesus spoke in these terms, I think it likely his hearers’ minds would have raced to the beloved 23rd Psalm.  It pictures the abundant life so effectively.  


This Sunday we will see the abundant life that Jesus promises and we will do so through the word pictures of the Shepherd’s Psalm.  Our life is abundant because of . . .


  1. Relationship with Jesus (“The Lord is my shepherd”)
  2. Restoration by Jesus (“He restoresmy soul”)
  3. Righteousness of Jesus (“He leads me in the paths of righteousness”)
  4. Refuge in Jesus (“I will fear no evil for you are with me”)
  5. Refreshment from Jesus (“You prepare a table for me . . . my cup overflows”)
  6. Residence with Jesus (“I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”)


That is the abundant life!!


It’s a Wonder-Full Life

“The Wonder of Our Inheritance”

John 10:10


Key Verse: “. . . I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10b).


  1. Relationship with Jesus


  1. Restoration by Jesus


  1. Righteousness of Jesus


  1. Refuge in Jesus


  1. Refreshment from Jesus


  1. Residence with Jesus
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