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Wonder-Full Life:  Week 1, December 6, 2015

Can you guess the top five Christmas movies of all time?  According to they are:


  1. A Christmas Carol
  2. Elf
  3. Miracle on 34thStreet
  4. A Christmas Story
  5. It’s a Wonderful Life


Folks might argue over those movies and their order in the list, but for me “It’s a Wonderful Life” is #1!  It tells the story of George Bailey.  He reaches a point of desperation in his life where he wonders if the world would be a better place if he had never lived.  In a whimsical twist, he is actually given the unique opportunity to see what the world would have been like had he not lived.  His kid brother, whom he rescued from drowning, would have died.  A ship of sailors rescued by the heroic actions of that same brother would all have been lost at sea.  His wife would have been a spinster.  His children would never have been born.  Bedford Falls, his idyllic town, would have been a hard, bitter place known as Pottersville.  Little did he know the difference his life had made.  By that experience his outlook changed and he came to see that “it’s a wonderful life” that we’ve been given the opportunity to live.


One life can make a huge difference.  


One life has done that above all others.  That is the life of the Lord Jesus.  Because he was born so long ago in Bethlehem and lived sinlessly and died in our place and arose from the dead, we can have life, and have it to the full.  It is a wonder full life that we have the opportunity to live.  And it is all because of Jesus!


Let’s pray that this message will be heard clearly this year!


It’s a Wonder Full Life

“The Wonder of His Incarnation”

John 10:10


  1. The coming of Jesus
    1. The person
    2. The price
  2. The contrast to Jesus
    1. The thief
    2. The threat
  3. The choice of Jesus
    1. Listen to him
    2. Led by him
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