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Harvest Day with guest speaker Tony Nolan

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Esperanza Viva

“Matrimonio: hecho en el cielo, pero vivimos en la tierra”

1 Pedro 3.1-7


  1. Esposas sabias


  • Instrucciones
    1. Tienen la actitud correcta
    2. Hacen las cosas correctas
    3. Tienen el vestido correcto


  • Gran impacto


  1. Esposos sabios


  • Instrucciones
    1. Son comprometidos
    2. Son comprensivos
    3. Son considerados


2) Gran impacto


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Marriage.  It’s made in heaven but it’s lived on earth!  And there’s the rub.  Moonlight and kisses have a way of becoming daylight and dishes. 


Fortunately, God has given us counsel in His word to guide us in our marriages.  1 Peter 3:1-7 is a key passage chock-full of reliable counsel for couples.  Let’s pray that this Sunday will be a real shot in the arm for our families.


Living Hope

“Marriage: Made in Heaven but Lived on Earth”

1 Peter 3:1-7


  1. Wisdom for Wives
    1. Basic instructions
      1. Have the right attitude
      2. Have the right actions
  • Have the right adornment
  1. Big impact
  1. Help for Husbands
    1. Basic instructions
      1. Be committed
      2. Be considerate
  • Be courteous
  1. Big impact
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What is God’s purpose for His people?  That is what we will explore in Sunday’s message.  In short, “our purpose as God’s people” includes:


  1. God-honoring communication
  2. God-honoring conduct
  3. God-honoring consequence



Living Hope

“Our Purpose As God’s People”

1 Peter 2:9-2:25


  1. God-honoring communication
    1. Has the right theme
    2. Has the right target
  2. God-honoring conduct
    1. Requires abstention
    2. Requires action
  3. God-honoring consequences
    1. The nations will witness grace
    2. The nations will worship God


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Esperanza Viva

“En sus pasos”

1 Pedro 2.13-25



  1. Cuando nos sometemos
  2. la actitud en la sumisión
  3. la razón de la sumisión
  4. el alcance de la sumisión


  1. Cuando soportamos injusticias
  2. Una realidad
  3. La actitud correcta
  4. Una recompensa


  1. Cuando hacemos el bien
  2. Buscamos el bien común
  3. Participamos activamente
  4. Influenciamos pacientemente


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Living Hope

“The Living Word”

1 Peter 1:23-2:10


  1. The nature of the living word
    1. It is life-giving
    2. It is living
  2. The nurture of the living word
    1. Stop some things
    2. Start some things
  3. The nation of the living word
    1. Our description
    2. Our duty
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Esperanza viva


1 Pedro 1:13-22


  1. Vivamos en esperanza
  2. Con la actitud correcta
  3. Por la razón correcta
  4. Vivamos en santidad
  5. El requisito para ser santo
  6. Las razones para ser santo
  7. Vivamos en armonía
  8. Amor sincero
  9. b. Amor profundo
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Living Hope

“The Commands of Our Calling”

1 Peter 1:13-22


  1. Be hopeful
    1. Have the right outlook
    2. Have the right object
  2. Be holy
    1. The requirement to be holy
    2. The reasons to be holy
  3. Be harmonious
    1. Love passionately
    2. Love purely
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Living Hope: Week 1, September 11, 2016

Living Hope

“Hope for Hard Times”

1 Peter 1:1-12


  1. People of living hope
    1. Selected people
    2. Scattered people
  2. Praise for living hope
    1. An exclamation of praise
    2. An explanation for praise
  3. Privilege of living hope
    1. Privileged above the ancients
    2. Privileged above the angels
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