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A little boy got a real bow and arrow for his 10th birthday and immediately went outside to practice in his yard. A few minutes later his father stepped outside to check how he was doing and was amazed to see a dozen arrows dead in the center of a dozen different bullseyes that were painted on the trees in the backyard.


“That’s astounding, Son! You just got that bow a few minutes ago. How do you manage to hit a bullseye every time?” “Easy, Dad. First, I shoot the arrow. Then, wherever it lands, I paint circles around it!”


That would be a convenient way to live life, wouldn’t it?  But God doesn’t want us to live aimlessly then justify it by painting a target around wherever we land.  


Zig Ziglar said, “if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.”  God doesn’t want us to aim at nothing.  God has given us, his children, definite targets in life.  He has given us our marching orders. We can see them clearly in his word.”


The Core

“On Target”

Matthew 28:16-20


  • The statement of our target
    • Jesus declares it
    • Jesus delegates it
  • The strategy toward our target
    • Connect
    • Grow
    • Serve
    • Go
  • The synergy around our target
    • We have a community
    • We have a companion
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