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I love “Fixer Upper.”  It is a show starring Chip and Joanna Gaines [show pic].  They take dilapted, dated houses and transform them into beautiful, welcoming homes [show pic of before & after of a home they’ve renovated].   The climax of each episode is the “reveal” when an old photo of the home obscuring their view is removed.  Now the new façade is unveiled to the delight of the owners. 


This morning we’re going meet a man that was totally transformed by Jesus.  We will see his before pic and his after pic.  His transformation touched many of his family and friends.


What happened to him Jesus wants to happen to us.  He wants to transform us and, in turn, impact the world through us.  That’s really what “Go Day” was all about—transformed people being used by God to touch the 225 for Jesus!



“Fixer Upper”

Mark 5:1-20


  1. The mercy Jesus shows (5:1-17)
    1. He comes to us (5:1)
    2. He changes us (5:2-17)
  2. The mission Jesus shares (5:18-19)
    1. The place: Go home
    2. The plan: Go tell
  3. The marvel Jesus inspires (5:20)
    1. The obedience of the man
    2. The outcome of the mission
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