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By 1940 WWII was underway in Europe.  The Allied western front in Europe was crumbling before the Nazi war machine.  The Germans drove the Allied forces all the way back to the English Channel.  They felt that they had them trapped.  They had them surrounded and the sea at the Allieds’ back was thought to be an impassable wall. 


But the English mounted a daring rescue known to history as the “Miracle at Dunkirk.”  In a few desperate days they rescued 338,226 men from the shores of Dunkkirk.  Pivotal in that effort were the “little ships of Dunkirk.”  More than a thousand small boats manned by fathers and grandfathers came across the channel.  They could navigate the shallow waters of that shoreline and shuttle the soldiers on to larger naval ships that would transport the soldiers back to Dover.


It seemed hopeless until help came from home!  And that help, at first glance, seemed insignificant and small.


We are going to meet in the scriptures today a man whose condition was hopeless until help came from heaven!  He had been an invalid for 38 years and he had no one to help him until Jesus found him.  That encounter changed everything! 


Signs: So You May Believe

“Hope for the Hopeless”

John 5:1-18


  1. Jesus confronts hopelessness


  1. By his choice of this man


  1. By his conversation with this man


  1. Jesus confers healing


  1. He tells us to stand


  1. He tells us to stop


  1. He tells us to start


  1. Jesus commands holiness


  1. His grace to us


  1. His goal for us
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