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A well-known jingle says, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”  The ad campaign is built on the whimsical idea that you can sing that jingle and, “poof,” a State Farm agent will appear and save you from whatever danger or disaster you face.  That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?  But we know that there are times when our need is so great, no insurance agent or any other person can meet it. 


Fortunately, there is hope.  Like a good neighbor, Jesus is there!  He comes to us in our brokenness and, with compassion, takes care of our needs with abundant mercy and grace.  That’s apart of the point of the story of the “Good Samaritan.”  Not only is Jesus the ultimate “neighbor.”  He’s an example for how we are to live.  After all, he told his audience to “Go and do likewise.”


As we face “Go Day” and all of its opportunities to be a good neighbor, we will take a fresh look at the story of the Good Samaritan.  From it we will be challenged to see Jesus as the ultimate good neighbor, trust in his gracious provision for our desperate need, and to “go” and be a good neighbor to all!



“Like a Good Neighbor, Jesus Is There”

Luke 10:25-37


  1. The good neighbor and the lawyer
    1. The lawyer’s hypocrisy
    2. The Lord’s heart
  2. The good neighbor and the law
    1. The law is correct
    2. The law is convicting
  3. The good neighbor and the lesson
    1. A lesson about life
    2. A lesson about love
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