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I remember a time in school when something that I attempted completely backfired.  A group of us students were at a park goofing off.  There were some large swings there and I jumped in one.  I swung as high as I could.  I decided I would back flip out of the swing to impress the girls. 


Well, I did it but I miscalculated!  Instead of flipping out and gracefully landing on my feet in triumph, I over-rotated and landed right on my rear.  Ouch!  No permanent damage—just a mud-stained bottom and wounded pride.  


I wanted to impress everyone but it backfired.  I just embarrassed myself. 


A lot of times in life things backfire.  It happened in David’s life.  He decides to count his men in a nation-wide census.  I believe it may have been an attempt on his part to show the world his might and power.  But it completely backfired.  In fact, after the census he had fewer men than when he began. 


What can we do when our foolish decisions backfire?  This Sunday’s message will be a caution against foolhardy schemes and an encouragement that, even when life backfires, there is hope in Jesus.


Dark Horse

“A Senseless Census”

2 Samuel 24


  1. The choice to sin


  1. A harmless deed


  1. A harmful desire


  1. The consequence of sin


  1. Personal conviction


  1. Public crisis


  1. The cure for sin


  1. Plea to be pardoned


  1. Price to be paid
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