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The NBA playoffs are in full swing.  This year’s teams include the likes of the Golden State Warriors, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.


The Cavaliers are led by none other than the King—LeBron James.  He’s in his second stint with them.  Although he has twice won the NBA championship with Miami, he’s never brought home the championship to his home state of Ohio.   Northeast Ohio has been a depressed area.  Cleveland, located on the shores of Lake Erie, is sometimes referred to as the “Mistake by the Lake.”  Having grown up there with a single mom, LeBron knows what it would mean to his people.  He wants to “bring it home.”  I hope he and his teammates can do it.


There was another king who wanted to bring home something of infinitely greater value.  David, the King of Israel, wanted to bring home the ark of the covenant of the Lord.  That represented the very presence and power of God.  These were blessings that they had lived without for many years.  He knew what it would mean to his people to renew their relationship with the living God.


Every one of us ought to desire the same--to bring home the presence and power of God.  The best news is that the “home” of God in our time is not a burning bush, a tabernacle or temple; we can be the living temple of the Lord.  He wants to come and dwell in each and every heart. 


Now that’s a victory we all ought to bring home!  Bring it home!

Dark Horse

“Bring It Home”

2 Samuel 6



  1. The king’s desire


  1. God’s presence


  1. God’s power


  1. The king’s deed


  1. The right thing the wrong way


  1. The right thing the right way


  1. The king’s delight


  1. Celebrate in worship


  1. Continue in worship
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