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Tom Watson Jr., CEO of IBM between 1956 and 1971, was a key figure in the information revolution. Watson repeatedly demonstrated his abilities as a leader.


One example of his skill as a leader had to do with a young executive who made some bad decisions that cost the company several million dollars. He was summoned to Watson’s office.  He fully expected that he would be fired. As he entered the office, the young executive said to Watson, “I suppose after that set of mistakes you will want to fire me.” Watson was said to have replied,  “Fire you?!  Not at all, young man, we have just spent a couple of million dollars educating you” (Source: Edgar Schein in his book, Organisational Culture and Leadership). 


Watson was telling the young executive that he was more valuable now than before.  His failures were not final. 


Let’s face it, we have all failed.  The devil would have you think that that your failures are final—that you are of no value to the Lord.  But that’s a lie.  God is too compassionate, too redeeming for that.  He says to us, “Your failures need not be final.  There is more for you to do!”


The biography of Peter is a case study of the truth that “failure is not final.”  Today we will look at Peter’s life and find encouragement for our own.


The Final Word

“Failure Is Not Final”

John 18:15-18 and 25-27


  1. Dangerous confidence
  2. Disheartening collapse
  3. Deep contrition
  4. Dynamic comeback
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In recent years our nation has been rocked by a string of mass shootings—Stoneman Douglas High School, Charleston, SC, Newton, CT, Virginia Tech, and the list goes on.  From these horrific incidents, some touching stories of courage and self-sacrifice have surfaced.


On December 2, 2015 county employees in San Bernadino, CA had gathered for a Christmas party.  Two gunmen stormed the center where they were gathered and opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd.  In the melee, coworkers Denise Peraza and Shannon Johnson took refuge behind an over-turned chair.  Shannon, an old Georgia boy, wrapped his arm around Denise and said, “I got you.”  With that, a bullet struck him.  He died while sheltering Denise.  She credits him with saving her life. 


This morning I want to show you that God in Christ would gladly wrap you in His embrace.  Despite all that it cost Him, He still says, “I got you.  I got you.”  John 18:1-11 shows us plainly that He will die that we might live.


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La  Carrera de La  Fe

2 Timoteo 4:6-8

Hebreos 12:1-2












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I’ve always been fascinated by people’s last words.  I heard last week about a Union General during the Civil War.  His name was John Sedgwick.  He was a respected and high-ranking general.  In 1864 he led his troops to Spotsylvania, Virginia for one of the last battles of the war. 


Confederate sharpshooters had been peppering the area all morning on May 9, wounding, among others, General William Morris. Staff officers cautioned Sedgwick not to approach the road, but he disregarded their warnings in his desire to encourage his men to face the enemy.  When his men warned him to take cover, Sedgwick responded by joking, "They couldn’t hit an elephant at that distance." Just then, a sharpshooter’s bullet crashed into his skull, right below his left eye, killing him instantly. 


He was the highest ranking Union officer to be killed during the war.


It’s dangerous to underestimate your enemy.  Don’t do it. 


Jesus did not do that.  He understood full well the spiritual battle in which we are engaged.  Because of it he turned to a vital piece of our spiritual arsenal—prayer.   We have a record of his prayer offered the night of his greatest battle—just as he faced arrest, trial, and execution.  This prayer opens our eyes as nothing else to the deepest longings of Jesus’ heart.  It teaches us what He values and how we, too, can overcome the world.



The Final Word

“The Real ‘Lord’s Prayer’”

John 17:1-26


  1. Timing of Jesus’ prayer
    1. Reinforces a pattern
    2. Releases a power
  2. Targets of Jesus’ prayer
    1. I pray for me
    2. I pray for mine
    3. I pray for missions
  3. Triumph of Jesus’ prayer
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La verdadera Oración de Jesús

Juan 17:1-26


  1. Sincronicémonos con la oración de Jesús
  2. Refuerza un modelo
  3. Libera un poder
  4. Los objetivos de la oración de Jesús
  5. Ruego por mí

.           b. Ruego por los míos

  1. Ruego por los demás
  2. El Triunfo de la oración de Jesús
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Ventaja de los Discípulos

Juan 16:6-14a

  1. La preocupación de los discípulos (16:6)
  2. Jesús es honesto con ellos (16:1-3)

.           b. Jesús confía en ellos (16:1-3)

  1. La ventaja de los discípulos (16:7)
  2. Jesús se va (16:7)
  3. Jesús les deja algo (16:7)
  4. El defensor de los discípulos (16:7)
  5. El Espíritu Santo nos convence (16:8-11)
  6. El Espíritu Santo nos aconseja (16:12-14a)
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I Have Called You Friends

John 15:9-17


No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing, but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you. -John 15:15



Friendship starts with God

As the father has loved…John 15-9


We need friends because we are created in God’s image

Then the Lord God said, “it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”….Genesis 2:18


A friend lets you in

No longer do I call you servants….but I have called you friends.  John 15:15


Friendship involves sacrifice

Greater love has no one that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13


The most important question: “Are you a friend of God?”

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La Ultima Palabra

Guillermo Mangieri

Amigos y Enemigos

Juan 15.12-27


  1. Amigos de Jesús (12-16)
    1. Se aman unos a otros
    2. Le obedecen
    3. Ellos Conocen la verdad
    4. Son escogidos por El
  2. Enemigos del mundo (17-25)
    1. Rechazan a quienes no son como ellos
    2. Odian a los creyentes porque odian a Jesús
    3. Odian a los creyentes porque no conocen a Dios
  3. Amigo Poderoso (26-27)
    1. Testimonio que viene del Padre
    2. Testimonio que es acerca del hijo
    3. Testimonio por medio del creyente
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La palabra final

 “Ramas y Frutos”

Juan 15: 1-11


  1. Nuestra relación con Jesús
  2. Los que no lleva frutos, son cortados.
  3. Los que lleva frutos, son cuidados.
  4. Nuestra responsabilidad con Jesús
  5. Permanecer en él
  6. Confiar en él
  7. Nuestros resultados a través de Jesús
  8. Glorifica a Dios
  9. Gozo de Dios.


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Costco has a great “returns” policy.  It is very generous.  You can return virtually anything, for any reason, and get a refund.  This was put to the test earlier this year.


On January 4, 2018 a woman in Santa Clarita, CA trudged into the local Costco lugging a large, dead, “real” Christmas tree.  She made her way through the returns line until she stood before the customer service representative.  “I’d like to return this tree.”  When asked why, she responded.  “Because it’s dead.” 


The other customers waiting in line were blown away.  One of them, Scott Bentley, took a photo of the lady and her disheveled tree.  “I can’t make this stuff up,” he posted on Facebook below the photo. 


Time magazine carried the story.  In the article it says: “. . . most people tend to accept that trees — once cut down for decorative holiday purposes — have a finite life span. . . .  But others seem less willing to accept this unfortunate fact of life.”


It is a fact of life.  Roots and fruits are inseparable.  Roots and life and flourishing are all inextricably linked.  Today Jesus will make this clear to us in John 15:1-11.


The Final Word

“Roots and Fruits”

John 15:1-11


  1. Our relationship with Jesus
    1. The fruitless are cuts off
    2. The fruitful are cultivated
  2. Our responsibility to Jesus
    1. Remain in him
    2. Rely on him
  3. Our results through Jesus
    1. Glory to God
    2. Gladness from God
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